As the name of the page might suggest, I'm Jacquelyn Phillips. Married to my best friend and a saintly man who is the cream to my coffee. We have an outrageously loving and handsome 7 year old, and our old lady dog Lucy. Residing in Gilbert, Arizona you can often find us out on family bike rides or hikes, or I'm flying down the freeway to get to a shoot or five.

I love coffee, and by love, I mean I exist thru coffee. No matter where in the world I have been, I know where to find coffee. I'm into expressing my artistic side thru cooking, floral arranging, building sets and costumes for photo shoots and singing (probably why I should only hire remote employees). I started this journey by photographing every single thing that caught my eye, and to this day I'm very rarely found without my camera. I'm a big fan of ink too. I have 9 pieces and hopefully by the time this is read I will have number 10.

If you get anything from reading this, it's that I'm real. And I really love that I get to make art featuring you! Like the lump of clay, I'm malleable. Posed portraits aren't the only type of portraits out there. I want to change your opinion of the photography you grew up with; uncomfortable clothing, sitting perfectly still and being bribed- although in rare occasions I'm not beyond it. I want us to have an experience, be it making s'mores, having a fake snow fight (because it's Arizona) or dressing in steam punk and storming downtown. Your time with me is meant for creating and I want to make something amazing with you.


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