You're Graduating!

Congratulations! This is a really exciting time in your and your teen's life and there's no better way to capture their spirit then with senior photos that show who they really are. Unlike many of the cattle car school required studios, my goal is to encapsulate everything that makes up your teen right as they are about to enter the world of life after high school. For that reason, I recommend waiting until second semester of their senior year to do these photos. Many teens will make important decisions about their appearance and their future plans first semester and be more settled in where they are headed as they approach the end of term. 

Other benefits to waiting until second semester- colleges or military are usually decided, prom attire is purchased- and who doesn't want to get more bang for their buck on that purchase. Vehicles are acquired. Jobs may have been started. Vocational school may be secured. Caps and gowns are more likely to be available.

These are all details that are important in painting the picture of who your child is at this time. And these images can be used on graduation announcements.

But because every child is different, if they are only doing a single senior semester, please don't hesitate to contact me sooner.