A little bit about me...

I'm locally based in Gilbert, Arizona- however, I LOVE to travel. My camera and I have traveled the globe and that will continue to be my journey.


I'm often asked "What do you photograph"


I photography everything- people of all ages and preferences, and sometimes their pets. I photograph events; weddings, baptisms, high school graduations, business conferences. I photograph products- home decor, jewelry, food, buildings. I take photos for fun- flowers, snowflakes, glitter bombs, and my son, lots of my son.


For as long as I can remember being photographed was never fun. It was dated outfits- like crimped hair. It was fighting parents, tears and bribes. It was awkward and embarrassing and boring. 


This is my mission- to make the process of being photographed FUN, and exciting, with lots of play and goofing around. It's about reassurance that you are perfect just the way you are. And being present in the moment, because time is the only thing we can't stop and this is the closest we can get. You are important to me.


I'm not a niche photographer. I chase the wind to create whimsy, and a story.  I want to put your story into pictures.


If you've made it this far, I'm hoping your excited for more. I hope you find yourself asking what is your whimsy and passion. I encourage you to check out my web galleries for a small sampling of those ideas and feelings.


Tell me about your passion, I want to know about you. Shoot me a message, even if its just to say Hi!


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